Lil Miss CSI

About me -

I am a 20-something year old female from Scotland. I have just left university after studying there for the past eight years. Somehow , I passed two degrees and have recently started working for a global oil and gas company.

Jorja Fox is my absolute idol, it still amazes me that someone like her exists. Nowadays it is so rare to find someone who is as beautiful in the inside as they are on the outside. My life would be made if I ever met her.

Things I love -

Jorja Fox, CSI, GSR
Gillian Anderson, The X Files, MSR
Six Feet Under
Hello Kitty
Animals and animal rights - I'm a vegetarian :)

I've recently started watching Supernatural so expect to find some Supernatural things on my blog.

I'm easy going and am happy to speak to anyone. I can't stand any people who are homophobic, racist or rude in general.

My favourite actresses are:
Jorja Fox
Gillian Anderson
Meryl Streep
Jennifer Beals (she was hilarious in Four Rooms!)

My favourite films:
Forever Fabulous
The Goonies
Four Rooms
I want to Believe
Death Becomes Her

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The Miniature Killer

All of Natalie’s victims—after her sister—were killed in ways that spelled out the word BLEACH. These were: Blunt force trauma, Liquid nicotine, Electrocution, Asphyxiation, Crushing (attempted, but failed), and she had planned on Hanging herself once the murders were complete.


Blunt Force Trauma

Liquid Nicotine Poisoning


Asphyxiation (by inhalation of Carbon Monoxide) 



*posts to follow containing some miniature killer fun facts*



Yeah what he said!


Scottish Independence Referendum in a Nutshell


Scottish Independence Referendum in a Nutshell

I feel ya Willie!

I hope people realise that voting yes was never an anti England act. I love the UK but I think Scotland would have been better off if we got the right result.


#indyref #yes #scotland #scottish #scotlandyes #yesscotland


How can one woman be so flawless?


How can one woman be so flawless?


So this happened.

(Photos by Kate Butler, John Roberts, and Leslie Brockett)


jorja fox’s cheek bones appreciation post

her face in that first pic

cute cute cute!